At Pearl Recycling, we are building the cultural platform for creative waste reuse practices and sensitization in Nigeria in collaboration with NATIONAL MUSEUM LAGOS.

We believe this will help to create early adoption of waste reuse among young people and also help in shifting the mindset of people towards a more greener and sustainable practices. SUSTY LIVING, the sustainable lifestyle exhibition is a one week exhibition focused on creative reuse of municipal solid waste to build solutions that are needed for everyday living.

Eco-products as we call them, are made from waste, and they play major role in the reduction of pollution. Creative eco-products will be available at the museum for a week with free access, as a way to teach children and adults the beauty in waste and also inspire them to think innovatively about waste.

Two days of master-class sessions by industry experts will allow more people to embrace their creativity, become change-makers, build circular-driven organizations, scale-up their eco-centric startups and embrace technology.

While Recycling is generally misconstrued to be the final recovery point for wastes, other reuse methodologies like creative upcycling are unfortunately being relegated while research shows that people are more likely to believe and embrace practical experience as against theoretical one. This is why the SUSTY LIVING Exhibition is important and crucial to drive circular economy and waste reuse advocacy.