Three wall decors I bought from a Dubai mall turned out to be the inspiration that birthed this life-changing movement. Years after, my dream is bigger and what drives me is beyond passion. 

From onset, I had wanted to do something to solve some of the pressing global issues confronting the planet , just that I didn’t envisage that the vision will spread quickly and that thousands of lives will be impacted through this.  

Five years after, we have succeeded in sustaining conversations around circular economy solutions in a way that most traditional waste organizations hasn’t been able to.

We have made waste reuse as enticing as possible through the conversation starter products and services that we sell.

This has translated to a greater ripple effect of impact with more than 12,000 people getting empowered though our vocational training scheme, 1200 students getting trained, 818 eco-chairs donated to schools, more than 10000 eco-products sold and sensitization of over 5 million people to the need to reuse and recycle.

We still have a lot to do and that is why we believe that your support will help us to scale up impact to more underserved people and communities.

Olamide Ayeni. – Founder


At Pearl Recycling, we are driven by our vision to build circular economy solutions in Africa that address huge employment deficit and social crisis caused by poverty and youth disenfranchisement.

With the sole aim to create climate-conscious solutions that converts waste to wealth and also empower people, especially the unemployable, with circular economy skills to make poverty escapable, not just less miserable, we have empowered more than 12000 women and youths with skills needed to be community change agents, converting waste to wealth.

This is possible through the support of our partners who have constantly supported our vision to eradicate poverty in Africa.

The donation of chairs prompted the need to create recycling clubs in the schools where the chairs were donated and also trained the students on waste to furniture skill as part of our sustainability strategy to keep the donated furniture in good conditions.

1200 students across different public secondary schools were trained on waste to furniture skills through the support of the US Consulate General Lagos. The idea is to create conversations around waste reuse and adopt young ones early to champion circular economy causes.

Students Empowered

In 2018, we embarked on the mission to make classrooms conducive for learning. This came after we saw a picture of student’s receiving lectures while sitting on the floor. Knowing that furniture can be made from waste and waste is a readily available, easily accessible material, we partnered with the US Consulate General Lagos to donate 418 chairs to public schools in Lagos. 

The chairs were made from tyre waste and covered with recovered textiles as part of our vision to work with all municipal solid waste and create value from discarded materials. Twenty public schools in Lagos were selected as recipients of these upcycle chairs

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