Creating Value from Waste

With the current waste generation of almost 300,000 metric tonnes daily in Nigeria and 85% of the wastes ending on landfills while the standard of living of Nigerians continue to decline.

We came up with an initiative to solve the the problem of waste management using creative innovation


Building Sustainable Cities and Communities through solid waste remodeling

Waste is just a mindset

Creative Remodeling

More than 75% of waste generated in Nigeria ends on landfill. Unfortunately, this is becoming a menace to the environment. We created a solution through creative remodeling of solid waste into sustainable eco-friendly products which are affordable and durable. Through this, we hope to reduce the amount of waste on landfill

Empower the youths, build the society.

Skill Acquisition

With 30 million unemployed youths in Nigeria, the only way out of poverty is to empower the unemployed youths through skill acquisition and training. We train youths, especially young girls and women on waste remodeling skills. Majority of our trainees were trained free under our free skill acquisition initiative.

Skill Acquisition

We have trained over 250 youths on waste remodeling with verifiable record of 65% of our trainees already owning a waste solution start-ups. Through partnership with Ford Foundation and United States Embassy Abuja, we have scaled up impact to reach 800 people.


More than 79 million Nigerians live on $1.99 daily. Unfortunately, this automatically means a decrease in standard of living among majority of the population. With focus on survival and availability of food, very few are conscious of their immediate environment and living condition.

We manufacture eco-friendly furniture and decor from waste which are made available at affordable prices


We advocate for better waste management solutions through media and face-to-face sensitization. We have initiatives focused on secondary schools where we teach young school children on ways to reuse and recycle waste.
We also partner with corporate organisations on waste management sensitization among employees.