Pearl Recycling

Our Story: Waste to Treasure

In this world of wasteful usage and global warming, how best can one help in reducing wastages and helping the ozone layer than recycling waste materials into finished works of art.

We make creative works of art from waste products like bottles, newspapers, magazines, straws, plastic cutleries, wood, unused CD tapes, sea-shells and every other waste product we can lay our hands on.

It is another sustainable means of generating revenue for a focus-driven government

The idea came from a trip to the United Arab Emirates in 2012 where a piece of art that cost several hundreds of dollars was discovered to be made from corn shrubs. That was the turning point for me.

We are not like the every day interior décor merchants. Ours is a different blend of Interior Crafting where exquisite and off the shelf home, office and personal decors are made from recycled products like woods, bottles and metals. We make Wall mirrors, Wall Frames and Flower vases from unused materials.

We started operation in 2014 and we have made commendable impression amongst our clients and trainees. We have built relationships and partnered with major online e-commerce stores where we sell our products.

This piece of art is made from unused CD’s

CD recycling

An ottoman table made from scrap tire