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Waste Remodeling

With more than 300,000 metric tonnes of waste generated daily in Nigeria and 85% of these wastes ending on landfills, we remodel solid waste into sustainable eco-friendly products


More than 30 million Nigerians youths are unemployed with 75% being unemployable. We train youths on waste remodeling technology and impact them to become self employed.


When a nation is plagued with poverty, cleanliness becomes less important. We sensitize , advocate and consult on best waste management practices for global growth


PearlRecycling is a foremost waste upcycling company in Nigeria, we transforms solid waste into sustainable, eco-friendly products for everyday use.

We sensitize against indecent waste disposal and advocate for zero waste on landfills.

We train youths and equip them with skills needed to become empowered.

Featured on several international and local media stations including: Financial Times, Al-Jazeera, Washington Post, Reuters, Deutsche Welle and many others.


Nigeria generates approximately 276,000 metric tonnes of waste daily.

Report shows that more than 40% of household generated waste ends up on our streets and drainage causing obstruction to free flow of water. A little over 20% of generated wastes are dumped around our neighborhoods.

Sadly, more than 40% of generated wastes are taken to landfill sites. Unfortunately, only 32% of wastes on our landfill sites are degradable.

I never even thought about the fact that discarded tyres could be of more use to us from onset but my experience at Pearl Recycling has taught me a lot and made me understand that
NOTHING is actually a WASTE

Awojobi Aminat

Early Before now I did not know waste could be reused for something good. I had the believe that  when it’s waste then the product  remains nothing but WASTE.

Personally, my Mindset Changed

Ajirotutu Opeyemi

After my training with Pearl Recycling, my notion about WASTE changed. Now for every waste, i see a useful aspect of it.

The training has enlightened me on ways to control the level of waste we have in Nigeria

Fatimah Salisu

Pearl Recycling Training has really changed my thinking about waste. It has also equipped me with skills and ideas about how i can change the waste around me.
This training opened my inner mind to some of my abandoned projects.

Adeyanju Deborah Busolami

The training has changed my view about waste in the sense that i now see waste as a goldmine with untapped potentials.

I no longer see waste as dirt or something to run away from but, something to dig into and RECYCLE

Udowku Vivian

The training has impacted me a lot. I got so many ideas of how I can turn waste to furniture, use it for decorations and playgrounds.

I learnt how to use waste tyres to make furniture.

Agu Ngozi Christina