Waste Management policy cannot succeed without the people, the major factor that determines the success or failure of any policy. Unfortunately in a country like Nigeria with a population of 190 million, policies governing environmental behavior have seen little or no compliance. A stroll on the street of Lagos bears witness to this fact.

Indiscriminate dumping of waste is the order of the day with solid waste comprising more than 65% of the waste that ends up on landfill sites across the country, it becomes clear that government alone cannot solve the problem of waste in Nigeria.

Privately owned organizations in the waste management sector are focused on recycling the large amount of generated solid waste with little attention giving to training and recruiting new environmental enthusiast into the sparsely populated waste management sector

Pearl Recycling, a solid waste upcycling company in Nigeria in partnership with Ford Foundation and Institute of International Education(IIE) is changing the narratives through training and empowerment of 100 Nigerian youths in Lagos state with the skills needed to start up a solid waste upcycling company.

The trainees are divided into five cohorts with twenty people each so that each participants can have  100% practical knowledge during the training period. It’s expected that after the training, the trainees will start their own upcycling business in their communities and help to keep the community clean.

Pearl Recycling hope to replicate this training in all the 36 states of Nigeria in other to reduce the amount of waste that ends up on landfill sites and by extension our oceans while also reducing child mortality rates caused by dirty environments.

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