Pearl Recycling


Pearl Recycling

Pearl Recycling is a social-oriented organisation with the mandate of recycling solid wastes into beautiful works of art. In developing countries, waste products are naturally thrown in canals and drainage, dump inside oceans or burnt in an open space.

Climate change and environmental sustainability is alien to most developing nations where people are more concerned with what goes into their tummies than what exist around them. Unfortunately, the effects of these acts are glaring.

The air we breathe are becoming more toxic, flooding is becoming incessant, ocean lives are becoming threatened and Malaria is killing more pregnant women and children.Pathetically, government policies are not working. In a bid to stop the people from dumping wastes indecently, government came up with sanctions and policies that are simply not working.

So, we found a way out. We understand the culture of Africans that it’s better to preach sustainability from the angle of empowerment and that is what we do at PEARL RECYCLING.

We make creative works of art from solid waste products like tyres, bottles, newspapers, magazines, straws, plastic cutleries, wood, unused CD tapes, sea-shells and every other solid waste products. The idea came from a trip to the United Arab Emirates in 2012 where a piece of art that cost several hundreds of dirhams was discovered to be made from corn husk.

We are not like everyday interior furniture/décor merchants. Ours is a different blend of interior crafting where exquisite and off the shelf home, office and personal furniture and decors are made from recycled products like woods, bottles and metals. We make Tables, Chairs, Wall mirrors, Wall Frames and Flower vases from unused materials.

We started operation in 2014 and we have made commendable impression among our clients and trainees. We have built relationships and partnerships. We are a Tony Elumelu Foundation Fellow and winner, WIMBIZ Impact investment competition.

Corporate Ideology


To be the number one reference name for creative waste recycling products in Africa


To reduce environmental toxicity, ozone layer depletion and  create wealth for the poor and downtrodden by teaching them how to turn waste to wealth


Professionalism: We are professionals to the core and we exhibit this in all our business opportunities.

Customer Focus: We are a customer satisfaction obsessed and we try to achieve this by understanding our customers needs, achieving and exceeding their expectations.

Integrity: We know the value of having a good brand so we are consciously building one and also making sure that we live up to it.

Quality: We place so much emphasis on quality service and this has empowered us to work within the approved international standard.

Business Impact

Job Creation

Currently we have trained up to twenty people since inception and this people have started utilizing the skills and knowledge gained in their various localities.

Encouraging the Economy

We are changing the inclination from being a consuming nation to a producing one. We believe Nigerians can start looking inward and start making money from unused materials.

Waste Management

Most of our raw materials are recycled products. We make use of waste materials and turn them into exquisite piece thereby helping to reduce wasteful usage, help the ozone layer and protect the environment

Poverty Alleviation

We patronize local artisans and help them to build their businesses thus helping the less privileged and the needy.


Our interior crafting includes but not limited to:

  • Tyre Recycling: Tyres are made into beautiful ottoman tables and Chairs for home use.
  • Wood Crafting: Woods are made into wall quality decors, frames and luxury items. We design our woods based on our client’s tastes and design.
  • Bottle Recycling: Unused wine bottles are made into finely designed flower vases that can be used at homes or in the offices.
  • Hanging Decor: We make African and Unique wall decors from metals, irons and junks.
  • Paper Recycling: Unused newspapers and or magazines are used to make exquisite, high-taste décor.